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Ubertaiment Media is a platform to educate and inspire individuals
through real-life story telling guided by education. 

Inspire. Educate. Encourage. Uplift.


To inspire all to live a life birthed from within, liberated from outside expectations and self-imposed limitations and thereby tap into their UberSelf, The True Self, which’ll awaken the power to live a life of their truest intentions.

To educate and thereby inspire all to awaken the power to create and design a life of their truest intentions, so that living be a fine art.


Ubertainment Media was borne from the idea that we can create a better life through deliberate action. The word ‘uber’ means a supreme example of a particular kind of person or thing.

Ubertainment Media aspires to educate individuals into their greatness.

When CEO Hanyani Mangwani created this company, he wanted to use the platform as a tool bar for anyone who wants to emancipate themselves from poverty and lack moreover to liberate themselves to live the life of their truest dreams. Hanyani believes that every individual should own their sense of self; individuals must be confident in their own ability to create better circumstances.

Ubertaiment Media is a platform to educate and inspire individuals through real-life story telling guided by education. These will be packaged as workshops, vlogs and podcasts.

Ubertainment Media’s objective is to position itself as the leading edutainment content provider. The company will be packaged for radio, television, social media and website.  


Uber What..?

The word ‘uber’ means a supreme example of a particular kind of person or thing.

About Hanyani Mangwani

Hanyani Mangwani is a speaker, voice over artist and broadcaster.
He is definitely a master when it comes to talking.

For many years, Mr Mangwani was told he had a great voice and for him, he didn’t know how he would use it, not until he heard about the speaking industry. This worked out perfectly for him because it meant he could combine it with his passion and that’s to inspire others to find their success story.
Hanyani was born in Tiyani, Limpopo. The 2nd of 4 boys and one girl (oldest) , and typical of the so called middle-child syndrome, he was invariably the “black sheep” of the family.

It wasn’t an easy road for him. Hanyani was always the inquisitive child who experimented with a lot of things, even going as far as stealing the LED bulb from his parent’s refrigerator at just age 8, to stealing his sister’s, at age 7 watch out of curiosity he wanted to find out what made the clock tick, ironically, without realising that he was tapping into the mystery of what really makes him tick, to taking new toys apart just days after they were bought to rebuild his own using raw material found on the street, Hanyani was considered to be, hmmmm...what shall we call him??!! Ah yes, different!!! As a result of his curiosity he often questioned a lot of things; he was considered disruptive, and unknown to him, a quality of the most dynamic individuals.

As the years passed, he was known as the rebel and refused to conform to the status quo. Everything finally came to an apex when he one quit a safe 9 to 5 job for a learnership that paid him almost 3-times less than his salary.

He knew there was so much more to life and remembered the promise he’d made to himself, to live a purpose driven life and that’s when his success journey began.

Today, he is a sort after voice over artist and is the station voice for Kaya FM, a voice over artist for SABC 3 and Dstv. Hanyani has been featured on 3 Talk with Noeleen, Shift and has done acting in movies too!! His first movie being “48” which has aired on Mzansi Magic and MzansiBioskop since 2012, to being on two other movies, as well as featured on SABC 1’s TempyPushas.

His big break as an MC came in 2015 when the client with whom he’d just recorded the voice over for the same event he was asked to MC at Eskom’sBusiness Entrepreneurship & Franchise Expo (BEFE) and thereafter the Eskom’s Small Business Expo. And since then Hanyani’s MC career took off and now speaks on stages around South Africa.

The in- between story of how he left his job to become what he is today is definitely one that you want to hear. The odds were against him in every way. How did he do it? He read many books, watched success stories and documentaries on Youtube, spoke to other successful individuals and attended many conferences and seminars hosted by the likes of Dr John Demartini, Blair Singer, Robert Kiyosaki, Robin Banks to name just a few .

From that, he was able create his own success manual and it WORKED!
Hanyani is now living his best life and he wants you to get on board and live yours 

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